Nous protégeons ceux qui ne peuvent pas se protéger eux-mêmes.

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Detroit, 8/17


i love tumble mobile because my dash does not load. its not ther its just not ther its just me and my thoughts . really cool and iam alone

friend: how r u today?
me: submarine soundtrack

one palette per movie • prisoner of azkaban


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❝ I am not ready for anything to happen.
I should have murdered this, that murders me.

Sylvia Plath, from Three Women  (via polyphemos)


could please give me a link to crack adobe photoshop cs6 (that works) ?

If the links listed in itsphotoshop’s FAQ don’t work, I don’t have any others :(

Evan Peters:’'I started acting when I was 15, in commercials and guest roles. I was definitely a working actor, so I was thankful for that. But I never had to work at a store, although I would have liked to.”
Scott’s always been about one thing. Saving his friends. He will do anything and everything to save the people he cares about. When there’s no chance of winning, he keeps fighting. When all hope is lost, he finds another way and when he’s beaten down he stands up again! You want to find a place in his pack? You want redemption? Find another way to stand and fight!
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It’s Mr. Osborn.
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